Common Blackjack Strategy Errors
Blackjack is a very popular card game where the player's decisions directly affect the results. Take, stop, double, split or even give up - all these decisions are easy to take if you use a previously planned strategy. A distinctive feature of Blackjack strategies is that they are not based on assumptions, but are developed based on the results of mathematical calculations.

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But before you start, let’s talk about the Blackjack strategy and most common strategy errors.

Blackjack strategy

So, what is the best Blackjack strategy? This is a special system based on accurate mathematical calculations for certain game situations. This strategy is ideal under any circumstances and is most beneficial to the player.

There are two types of basic Blackjack strategies: total-dependent and composition-dependent. The total-dependent BS does not take into account the specific cards in the player's hand, considering only the points. The composition-dependent BS takes into account the exact composition of the cards in the player's hand. For example, the 12 points in the player's hand can consist of 10+2, or 9+3, or 8+4, or 7+5. Theoretically, optimal solutions here may be different, but this usually applies only in 1-deck games, and the differences are extremely insignificant. Therefore, the use of total-dependent BS has become a ubiquitous standard.

So, each player's decision depends on two parameters – on the sum of the points, and the dealer's card. In each such situation, there is an optimal solution. These optimal solutions are written out, compiled into easy-to-read tables, and should be memorized for use in the game. Some casinos even give out or sell Basic strategy tables to players. It is important to understand that basic strategy itself does not guarantee winnings, besides the rules of the game in each particular casino are also important. The basic Blackjack strategy is based on 270 possible combinations. This figure came as a result of multiplying the 27 possible player's hands by the dealer's 10 open cards. It is enough to learn the basic principles of the game.

Hard hands

In this case, the ace is equivalent to one. To succeed you should follow these rules:

• The dealer's hand from 3 to 6 should be doubled;

• If you have 17 or more points you should stop and not take more cards;

• If you have 11 points and the dealer does not have an open ace, you can double;

• If you have less than 12 points, you need to take another card;

• If the dealer does not have an ace, and you have 10 points, you can double;

• If you have 15 points, and the dealer has a card equal to 10 it is better to give up;

• If the dealer has 3 or 2, and you have 12 points, you need to take another card;

• If the dealer has 10 or more points, and you have 16, you should refuse to continue playing.

If there are other game situations, then you do not need to take any more cards.

Soft hands

In such combinations, the ace is equal to 11 points. Here you should consider the following recommendations:

• Stop taking cards if you already have 19-20 points;

• Stop taking cards if you have 18 points, and the dealer has 7-8 points;

• You should double regardless of your cards if the dealer has 5-6 points;

• Double if you have 15-18 points, and the dealer has 4;

• Doubling is also necessary if you have 17-18 points and the dealer has 3, or if you have 18 points and the dealer has 2.

Pairs in Blackjack

Often beginners just don't know how correctly behave with pairs. Here you should consider the following combinations:

• You should split two aces and two eights;

• If you have a pair of tens - don’t split them;

• If you have a pair of fives, you need to double, if the dealer has a nine or less;

• It is better not to split a pair of nines if the dealer has a ten or an ace;

• Take an additional card if you have a pair of sixes or fours, and the dealer has a seven;

• The additional card can be taken if you have a pair of fours, and the dealer has a four or less;

• Take additional card if you have a pair from 2 to 7, and the dealer has 8 or more.

In other situations, it is recommended to split a pair of cards into two hands.

What is the most effective Blackjack strategy?

All of them are equally effective. Remember that those strategies will allow you to win more often than the dealer - this is laid down by mathematics. At a short distance, you can win even without strategies, but at a long distance, the casino wins.

Is counting legal?

Yes! However, we recommend using it only when playing at the online live casino. Sometimes in land-based casinos, when the fact of counting is discovered, certain sanctions may be applied, including removal from the table and expulsion from the casino. In some online casinos, counting is also prohibited by the rules that you agree to when registering.

What is the most “useless” strategy?

Strategies are not useless, there are mathematically incorrect actions. If you are just starting to play Blackjack and do not yet have enough experience, we recommend that you play at minimum bets, or even for free. At the same time, even incorrect actions at a very short distance can bring winnings, but the more rounds are played, the higher your losses will be, compared to the mathematically correct game.

Is there a perfect strategy without any errors?

It doesn't exist. No matter how well you play, and no matter what strategy you use at the table, you will lose in a long term. This is since the casino has a mathematical advantage over the player, which is laid down in the rules of the game.

Is it legal to use tables?

Yes, you can use tables when playing in an online casino, as they do not give you any advantage. Their main task is to protect the player from incorrect bets that lead to more defeats. Blackjack strategy is a necessary tool for any competent player. By following these rules, you can avoid mistakes when playing Blackjack. It is very important to understand that the described strategies don’t guarantee your winnings. But your chance of winning will increase.

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